If anything can go wrong, it will.

Fuck It

Tard's Valentine

Because… no.

When it comes right down to it, I should be happy today. I have a wonderful, loving boyfriend who, perhaps miraculously, thinks that I’m wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy about that; very fortunate to have him in my life.

But, today, I was supposed to be with him, and I’m not.

Alex (that would be the boyfriend in question here, keep up, okay?) is still 4,000+ miles away, though. He’s in Cornwall, I’m in the Cornhusker State. I was meant to arrive in London yesterday morning. Two weeks. I was supposed to get two weeks with the man of my dreams, covering today, Valentine’s day, and my birthday, next week.

And it all went to shit because I just had to go and have a seizure and hit my head.

So fuck it. Fuck Valentine’s day. Try as I might to count all the things that I have to be happy about right now, it’s not working. I’m nowhere near where I wanted to be today.

Is it really too much to ask to spend Valentine’s day with the one you love?

5 Responses to Fuck It

  • Hey, traipsing about your place. Good reads, enjoyed myself. 50 shades, that was a perfect review. Thank you for the entertainment and the follow. I will do the same, so you can’t talk behind my back.

  • Maintaining a long-distance relationship is hard. I know because I have tried it, even though the separation was not as great as that between you two. However, I did have commitments that made it difficult to meet on special occasions. The trick, I think, is to forget the calendar and make it a special occasion whenever you do meet up. Birthdays can be at any time of year so why can’t Valentine’s day? Make it a Valentine’s Day Special Edition when you do meet up.

    PS I’ve added you to my list of blogs as you were kind enough to add mine to yours.

    • I think you’re absolutely right about making it a special occasion whenever, and we’re going to do just that. Since my trip there fell through, and my doctors aren’t keen on me trying that again just yet, he’s coming here as soon as possible. So, we’ll just take the entire two weeks he’ll get to be here and make it memorable.

      The reciprocal link is greatly appreciated. ♥ Thank you!

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