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Happy Birthday To… Me!

Jack and Sally

Jack and Sally: Fan art by yours truly.

Today, because it’s my birthday, Alex and I watched “The Nightmare  Before Christmas” on Netflix.

Knowing how much he absolutely despises this film, it’s one of the nicest things he could have done for me. It really made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

There are presents coming, as well, but apparently, because I’m “stubborn“,  they won’t be arriving ’til next week. I do know what they are, though: light, warmth, and lots & lots of fun. I’m incredibly lucky to have such a thoughtful boyfriend. ♥

I also have a pretty fantastic set of parents. Their gift to me this year came in the form of them taking in my laptop to be repaired and updated. I’ve really missed my laptop, so, that’s a spectacular present, if you ask me!

I’m not sure what else is in store for today, but I hope there’s cake.

Edited to add: There was cake. Oh, man, was there cake. Chocolate-on-chocolate, and it was sinful.

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