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Alright, WP, What’s Your Problem?

I have no clue what the French toast is going on here in the past couple of days, but it seems that comments have been malfunctioning. Gosh, I am really sorry. If you’ve already had a comment approved here, you aren’t supposed to have to wait for moderation.

But worse than having to approve comments for the previously-approved is the fact that WP (or possibly it’s Akismet’s fault, I’m not sure) has just been shoving everyone’s thoughts into spam. Rude.

Also, I honestly can’t seem to figure out why in the world there’s trouble with being able to comment using WP accounts, or Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. It works for me when I use them (having just finished spamming the heck out of myself. That sounds dirty…) but I know that’s not necessarily an indicator of them working properly for anyone else.

I’m trying to sort it out. And for those of you lovelies who inadvertently wound up with your comments marked as spam, I believe I’ve corrected it, and I’m so sorry! I know you’re not spammers! ♥

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  • Yaaaaay! ok maybe not lol. Still not working

    When your posts come in my reader feed

    1) You can not click on the Title to see the post

    2) you have no “read more” at the end of the first few sentences. You have a […]
    and you can not click on that either

    You can only click on “see original” to view the entire post

    You have no “Like” button but that is a personal setting you may not want.

    Just mentioned all this because you likely don’t get much feedback with all that plus the commenting issue of full sign in Hope it all gets figured out for you soon!

    • Well, some small part of it may (or may not, honestly, still guessing at so much) be that I’m running a self-hosted version of WordPress.

      Even so, the comment thing is really frustrating me, because self-hosted or not, I’m still using Jetpack comments, which are meant to allow you to use your WP.com account.

      I’m not sure which reader you’re using, but I am assuming it might be WP’s own. If that’s the case, I can only shrug at the moment, because in WP’s reader, my own feed turns up with titles that can be clicked. If you’re using a different reader, I’d be happy to look into that and see if I can spot the problem and if it’s one I can fix.

      Like I said, some of the odd functionality problems may be related to the fact that my blog is self-hosted, I know there are a few things that WP has for its WP.com blogs that I simply don’t, even with Jetpack installed & connected.

      Thanks for letting me know about these things. I really will try to figure out if it’s something I can fix.

  • So far I do not have any of the problems mentioned by Bemused. My RSS reader (NewsFox add-on to Firefox) handles your blog perfectly.
    As for comments going to spam, that is a little odd. Perhaps WP support staff – sorry, I of course mean “Happiness Engineers” – can offer helpful suggestions. As I have discovered myself, WordPress is not above throwing the occasional wobbly.
    On my own blog, I don’t bother with approving comments. I don’t see it as necessary. Should a comment be spam or otherwise unacceptable, I hear about it straightaway (on the PC at home or on my iPhone when I am out) and I delete it forthwith. I believe that holding comments for approval does at least slightly deter people from commenting and unless your blog is awash with spam or offensive comments, holding for approval is an unnecessary complication.

    • I’m happy to hear that you’re not experiencing any problems with the feed, SilverTiger.

      I’m going to attempt contacting WP support about this, but I’ve also done some Googling on my own and found that there’s been cases of conflict between Jetpack comments and some of WP’s own built-in comment settings. I’ve double checked to make sure that I have Jetpack recommended settings.

      As to comment approval, I’ve turned it off. It was supposed to only require that you had one previously approved comment, but with things going haywire and everyone getting sent to the spam “folder”, I’m just doing away with that.

      • Where you have cooperating applications, you can get hard-to-trace problems occurring. Running plain vanilla wp.com, I am happily spared these problems! I hope it will soon be sorted out for you.

      • This morning there is no issue with the reader lol!

        I do still have to have to log in fully this morning though

        • The way that my comments are set up is supposed to be such that either people can comment being logged in with a WP account, Twitter, Google+, or Facebook or, if it’s preferable not to use any of these, then they can just type in any name and any email address.

          If that’s not what happens, something’s definitely gone wrong, and I’ll keep plugging away at finding the problem.

          For reference, this is what I see when I’m not logged in with any of my accounts, but being signed in with any of the four leaves me with just a reply box that informs me what account I’m using at the bottom.

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