If anything can go wrong, it will.


Some little punk decided that it would be fun to mark up the front of my house with “UK13”.

I’ve Googled. I’ve asked around. I’ve no idea what this “UK13” signifies. The little vandal is remarkably silent on the subject.

The neighbours caught him at his little bit of mischief just as he finished. Being that my landlord’s house is just on the other side of mine, my neighbour all but dragged him by his oversized ear straight there. He won’t explain what “UK13” is, but he’d apparently rather spend some of his free time trying to scrub it off the front of my house than have to pay restitution. The landlord thinks a toothbrush might be an appropriate tool for this job. We’ll see how that goes.

Why couldn’t I have been vandalised by someone with some artistic talent, though? I mean, really.

2 Responses to Vandal!

  • It sounds to me as if your spray-can Picasso was in fact “tagging” the house. I don’t know whether this habit has made it to the US but assume it has. There seem to be two sorts of tags, firstly, those that indicate that an area is a gang’s territory and, secondly, tags placed by individuals for their own egotistical self-advertisement. These often include numbers representing the yea though, if that is the case here, your tagger is two years adrift. The letters probably stand for some secret name or code which he is reluctant to divulge.
    Now he’s been caught, he obviously can’t use the same tag in future but my guess is that he will devise a new one. The fact that he did get caught suggests that he’s only just beginning. He will become sneakier as time passes.
    You might have a little look around town and see whether “UK13” appears elsewhere. It possibly does.

    • Yep, tagging is pretty common here.

      To the best of my knowledge it must have personal significance, though, as I’m unaware of any gang-affiliated “UK13”. Of course, I’m not actually that well-versed in the gang activity, either.

      Our little vandal is all of about 13 years old, so I’m very hopeful that it’s just ego.

      I’ll be on the lookout for any further appearances of the “UK13”.

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