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14K Fridays: Week 3

Having quite the busy week, so haven’t had a lot of time for blogging, sadly. Hopefully things are slowing down a bit.

I wanted to keep up with my silly little Friday post, though, so, here’s a few more things that make me really happy.

  1. Banana creme pie Blizzards from Dairy Queen. Actually, banana creme pie in general should just be on this list.
  2. Big Hero 6. I only just recently got to watch this film but it quickly shot up to near the top of my favourites list. It’s adorable.
  3. The way my cat loves to snuggle up against the small of my back. Even the way he tends to hog the bed, by continuously putting pressure there and causing me to slide over a few cm at a time.
  4. Loaded baked potatoes!
  5. Discovering new books to read.
  6. Painting and drawing. Digitally or with more traditional media.
  7. Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds revealed the costume for the upcoming film today!
  8. Scrapbooking. Shut up, spell check, it’s a word.
  9. Donating time or money to worth-while causes. I know that people often think that donating money is the thing to do, and of course, money helps. But if you can’t donate your money, your time is valuable, too.
  10. Hearing from friends you haven’t spoken with in a while.

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