If anything can go wrong, it will.

Murphy Was Completely An Optimist!

If things have to go wrong, I’m happy that they’re going wrong now, and not at the beginning of May. Alex is scheduled to touch down at 6:49 p.m. on the second of May, and I’d really like it if my house wasn’t in shambles when he gets here.

Recently, the bathroom sink began to back up any time you ran the slightest bit of water in it. As it’s my landlord’s job to take care of these types of things, I called, and he immediately sent a “plumber” to come and take a look.

I began to suspect that perhaps this “plumber” was in no way a professional when, after punching a hole in the pipe by snaking the drain, his solution was to ask if I had any electrical tape handy. This house needs a lot of work. And a real plumber.

Still, I had use of the kitchen sink, the bathtub, the washing machine, until 1.) the kitchen sink began spraying water at my shins any time I used it, and 2.) water began leaking directly onto the fuse box in the basement.

Suffice it to say, my laundry is piling up, and heating water (acquired from the garden hose) over the stove is not the most fun way to clean yourself up. My mother refers to what I’ve been having to do as “having a whore’s bath”. Isn’t that a lovely notion?

Sorry that I’m behind on my reading and commenting these past few days. I’ll be checking in ASAP, as I miss the morning reading.

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  • I sympathise with you on both the blocked drain and the inept plumber. It seems such a small thing, doesn’t it, that water does not run away out of the basin as it should? Yet it it is in fact a Very Big Thing, as anyone who has suffered it knows.
    The landlord is trying to save money by employing an incompetent odd-job man instead of a proper plumber. That is unacceptable and you may have to riposte in some way. If water is coming into contact with a fuse box, then that is a dangerous situation and I assume that there are laws to deal with recalcitrant landlords who allow dangerous conditions to continue in their rented property. I don’t know what the legal remedies are in your country but I am sure they exist. The threat of them might be enough to insert some common sense into the situation.
    It may seem that this is a bad time for things to go wrong but the fact is that, for things going wrong, there is never a good time. Even if there were, you can be sure that things-that-go-wrong would carefully avoid such times.

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