If anything can go wrong, it will.

I’m Not Dead

It’s been a long time.

Alex‘s trip to visit fell through. Largely because of misunderstandings and assholes. But, at least that’s already been rescheduled, and he’ll be here Saturday.

It’s a bit embarrassing, the thing that caused Alex‘s trip to be rescheduled. I’m not sure that I’m prepared to make those details public, but let me just state for the record that one should always be very careful about halving or crushing any medications designed to be released into the system over a period of time.  At best, accidental overdosing is inconvenient.  My stay in the hospital was beyond merely inconvenient.

I’m sick of hospitals.

On a happy note, though, it means I still have Alex‘s visit to look forward to, which means I’m not yet mourning his departure.


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  • That’s such a pity. I assumed that your longish silence was owing to devoting all your time to Alex’s visit. Happily you still have that to look forward to.

    I hope your unscheduled medical vacation has ended with you back in good health and without consequences. I expect you will have learned from any mistakes and that these will not recur.

    For what it’s worth, there is a scheduling pill box beside me as I write and there are several items in each compartment so I understand the problems you speak of.

    • I’m indeed in good health and have no lasting consequences from the ordeal.

      I have learned from my mistake, and you can be sure I won’t be repeating it, but I do have to find a solution to the problem that started it to begin with: I have a terrible time swallowing pills. Not sure why I have such an issue with them, but I do. I still will never half or crush any pills I don’t ask about, though.

      • The main thing is that you are well and have recovered without bad after effects. Life can get back to normal!

        I know other people who, while able to swallow everything else without difficulty, need to take special measures when swallowing pills. I don’t know why this is but suspect it may be a mixture of physical and psychological reasons. The small size of the pills (compared to a mouthful of food) is very small. The throat perhaps has trouble “recognizing” it and therefore doesn’t swallow it correctly.

        Years ago I went on a trip to India and Nepal. I was advised to take anti-malaria pills before, during and for a while after the trip. These pills were dreadfully bitter so I developed a method for taking them. I still use this with other pills. Take a mouthful of water, poke the pill between your lips into the water and swallow the whole caboodle. The water may give the throat something to work with, so to speak. (The water insulated me from the bitterness of the malaria pills.)

  • Feel free to delete this message after reading. I have found a strange effect in the commenting here.

    When I wrote my last reply above, the text was so long that the window expanded to the point where the button “Post Comment” went down behind the black band at the bottom of the screen and thereby became inaccessible. I couldn’t post my comment until I had deleted part of it to bring the button back into view.

    The good thing about that is that is stops us being too prolix!

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