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Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day – at least here in the U.S. – so I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge my dad, who, at least to me, is the best dad, even if he’s not my biological father.

We’ve had our rough patches, and neither of us are perfect people, but I wouldn’t trade him for all the world.

My biological father – well, I don’t wish him any ill, but that relationship is rocky, to put it very mildly. He’s been imprisoned twice in the years that I’ve been alive, and neither of them have been short stays. Factor in the time I’ve not spent with him, and the fact that he’s been abusive both towards myself and my mother, and it’s fair to say that we don’t actually have much of a relationship at all.

Nevertheless, I’m thankful for him. If nothing else, for being half responsible for my existence, and for showing me what a good dad isn’t.

One day I’m hoping I have good reason to wish Alex “Happy Father’s Day”. I think he’ll be a wonderful dad… but not trying to put the horse before the cart here. First, we’ve got to get that permanent residency thing sorted out.

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  • It’s Fathers’ Day here in the UK too. (I’m never sure where to put the apostrophe: is it Fathers’ Day – the day for celebrating all fathers – or Father’s Day – the day for celebrating individual fathers?)

    I never knew my father because he died as a result of an accident when I was very young. So, when I became a father myself, I had to improvise, having no model to emulate. My son is now a gentleman of mature years but he still sends me a Fathers’ Day card so maybe I passed the test (or he’s being kind).

    I like your ability to appreciate the contribution made to your life by both your fathers. That’s a rare talent, I think, but a sane and healthy one.

    If I knew what the secret of being a good father was, I would bore you with my theories but, happily, I haven’t a clue. In my case, I think my son taught me how to be a father and he did it just by being my son.

    • Come to think of it, I’m not really sure if it should be Fathers’ or Father’s, either.

      We all have to learn as we go, when it comes to being parents, I think. They don’t ship them (the kids) off with manuals, after all. And, to be honest, I’m not sure I agree with all of the “after-market” manuals written by other parents. That said, the thought of not having a good parent to emulate seems a scary prospect to me. As I said, I may not have had the world’s best father but I do have an amazing dad.I’ve also been blessed with a great mother.

      As to having “passed the test”, whether he sends the card to be kind, or not, I think that you passed. Even if it were a case of being kind, that still indicates you raised a boy who grew to be a kind man. That’s an achievement.

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