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Self-Hosted WordPress Woes

There are a lot of things that I love about running a self-hosted WordPress blog. I love that I have complete control over everything; the plugins installed & available to me, and being able to create or download any theme I like without paying anything extra.

WP is, and has been for some time, the best blogging software around, in my opinion. Sure, there are other great options, too, but having tried several of them over the years, it is always WP that I come back to.

There are some things that I’m not a huge fan of, though.

As a self-hosted WP blog, I don’t have the “reblog” option.  Anyone wishing to share any of my content can still do so, but it’s not as quick & simple as having that reblog  option.  You’ve got to copy/paste and manually create a link to my original post, if you want to do the same thing that the reblog function does.

If I want to allow visitors to comment using their WP credentials, or their Facebook or Twitter credentials, I have to enable JetPack comments. Now, JetPack has some awesome features for self-hosted WP blogs, but I feel that JetPack comments are causing more problems than they’re worth.

So I’ve disabled that part of the JetPack suite of plugins.

Sadly, this means you can’t just login with your WP account (or any of the other options JetPack comments provides), and it may mean that you will have to go through comment moderation again due to the switch back to WP‘s native comments system.  I’m sorry for that, but I’m afraid I really do prefer the native comments due to the quirks and issues with JetPack comments.  One of the quirks I’m hoping this fixes is the issue with long comments screwing everything up. So I’m crossing my fingers.

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  • Whenever I tried to sign my comment here using the WordPress button, it just went into an infinite loop so, for me at any rate, it didn’t work.

    Whenever possible, I sign comments on blogs using OpenID. That ensures that I really am the person claiming to be SilverTiger. However, OpenID seems to be becoming ever more fragile and no longer works on some sites. I will just have to sign in with name and email address and trust that no one tries to impersonate me.

    You return to the native comment system does seem to have cured the disappearing ‘Post Comment’ button and, being somewhat garrulous, I am pleased about that

  • One thing that has changed is that your replies to my comments no longer pop up in the WordPress app on my iPhone – though that could be a result of a recent update of the app rather than the change in your configuration.

    I now have to remember to check ‘manually’.

    • I think it’s very likely that it is related to the switch back to WP native comments, but I’m not 100% sure.

      I’m not the only person to have reported this problem with JetPack comments, there are multiple threads about it, one being as old as three years. Since the developers can’t seem to replicate the issue, though, it makes it very difficult for them to fix.

      It is possible that I am missing code in the themes that I have created myself, but I wouldn’t know what it is. I have verified that I’m using the appropriate comment form code in my themes, but I suppose I might be missing script or other values needed elsewhere. I’m just not sure.

      I think I may be able to place a “subscribe to comments” checkbox at the bottom of the comments form, which would email you, but I could see how that might not be nearly so convenient as a WP.com notification.

      • As with most things, there are pros and cons. For the moment, I am checking back manually to see whether comments have produced a reply but that isn’t practicable for a large number of blogs. Maybe a solution will emerge.

        Incidentally, with regard to Windows 10, grave concerns about security have been raised about it, particularly with regard to MS recording and selling users’ data by default (and without telling them) and making it quite hard to switch off these intrusion within the settings. All the more reason NOT to migrate to Windows 10.

        Of course, we don’t know what sneaky nastiness may be lurking in Windows 8.1 that no one has yet discovered…

        • Okay, here’s what I’m hoping will fix the notifications problem: Over in the sidebar, there is now a tiny blue “Follow Oh No, Not Again” button. Hopefully my assumption that your notifications were previously being pushed through wordpress.com is correct, and a follow in WP’s Reader will “reconnect” your notifications.

          I’ve been wanting a follow button for Reader, anyway, so even if this doesn’t solve the notification problem (and I hope it does), it’s still a Very Good Thing™ I think.

          As to the Windows 10 privacy concerns, I’ve been reading up about that, too, and agree that that’s just one more reason not to update, no matter how much that little icon in the system tray nags.

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