If anything can go wrong, it will.


Seriously, I’m Not Dead

I swore when I started this blog that I was going to keep it going. Thankfully, it was a vow I was making to myself, so I don’t feel too terribly guilty about having been “missing in action”.

Okay, I feel a little bit guilty.

Life has been, to say the least, interesting and busy around these parts.

My cousin Dylan, who is very often left in my care, has broken bones. I’m pleased to say that these things didn’t happen on my watch, but… the poor kid. As if the first break wasn’t enough, he took a baseball to the face and now has his jaw wired shut.  He’s living on apple sauce, pudding, jello, mashed potatoes, and broth. Oh, and occasionally, ice cream.

And then there’s my father. My father whom I have very mixed feelings about. I love him, but I don’t like him very much. Contact is thankfully minimal, because he’s in prison in South Carolina, more than 1,000 miles away, but what contact there is is often unpleasant.

I’m not particularly religious, but every time my father lands in jail, he rediscovers G-d. When he does, he feels the need to “share the good news”.  What baffles me about this is that he knows full well how I feel about the subject of religion, he knows that I’ve heard “the good news”, and whatnot, and made an informed decision, and knows that the subject is a sore one with me, and yet still continues to push. He’s sent me a bible, a book by … Joseph Prince, I think it is? and plans on sending me another bible. Because apparently I need more than one. Let’s just ignore the fact that I have three or four of them already – the KJV which is neatly bound with the rest of the LDS scriptures, a women’s devotional one, and the NLV. There are several bibles in this house should I wish to read one.

Perhaps the most stressful thing to happen recently, though, is The Great Travel Agency Ordeal of 2015.

Yes, it is such a big deal that it’s a named event. A capitalised named event.

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I’m Not Dead

It’s been a long time.

Alex‘s trip to visit fell through. Largely because of misunderstandings and assholes. But, at least that’s already been rescheduled, and he’ll be here Saturday.

It’s a bit embarrassing, the thing that caused Alex‘s trip to be rescheduled. I’m not sure that I’m prepared to make those details public, but let me just state for the record that one should always be very careful about halving or crushing any medications designed to be released into the system over a period of time.  At best, accidental overdosing is inconvenient.  My stay in the hospital was beyond merely inconvenient.

I’m sick of hospitals.

On a happy note, though, it means I still have Alex‘s visit to look forward to, which means I’m not yet mourning his departure.


Alright, WP, What’s Your Problem?

I have no clue what the French toast is going on here in the past couple of days, but it seems that comments have been malfunctioning. Gosh, I am really sorry. If you’ve already had a comment approved here, you aren’t supposed to have to wait for moderation.

But worse than having to approve comments for the previously-approved is the fact that WP (or possibly it’s Akismet’s fault, I’m not sure) has just been shoving everyone’s thoughts into spam. Rude.

Also, I honestly can’t seem to figure out why in the world there’s trouble with being able to comment using WP accounts, or Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. It works for me when I use them (having just finished spamming the heck out of myself. That sounds dirty…) but I know that’s not necessarily an indicator of them working properly for anyone else.

I’m trying to sort it out. And for those of you lovelies who inadvertently wound up with your comments marked as spam, I believe I’ve corrected it, and I’m so sorry! I know you’re not spammers! ♥

You Won’t Like My Blog If…

  1. … you can’t stand cute. If cute annoys you, if the occasional sappy, lovesick post makes you want to claw your eyeballs out, you’re going to hate my blog.
  2. If you’re the kind of prick who thinks that a woman should only be sweet and demure. If you’re the type of person who would chastise me for “not being very lady-like”, well, then just fuck off, okay?
  3. You’re really going to hate this blog if you’re related to me, outside of my immediate family. See, my immediate family, mom & dad, they’re fantastic, if imperfect, people. The rest of you are fucking dysfunctional as hell, and for the most part, terrible people. I’m not going to put your full, real names out there, but sometimes I think I should, as warning to the rest of the world.
  4. If you’re Mormon (Latter-day Saint, LDS, etc), you are likely going to hate my blog. I used to be one of you, I grew up one of you, and I’ve definitely learned all the lessons I need to about the church.
  5. If you don’t have a sense of humour, you won’t have a good time here. It doesn’t need to be exactly like mine, because let’s face it, I’m a bit weird, but you need some kind of sense of humour.
  6. About #4… chances are, if you’re very religious (any kind of religious, that is), you’re not going to like my blog, either. I don’t set out to be disrespectful of other people’s faiths, but, if there is a god at all, I’m pretty sure that entity has a fine sense of humor.
  7. Feminists. Oh, feminists, you are probably going to hate my blog for a plethora of reasons. I’m all for equal rights, but to me, that really means equal, not switching it up, putting “women on top”, unless you mean as an optional position in the bedroom. Oh, and if I could be, I would already be married to my boyfriend and probably barefoot and pregnant right now.
  8. If you can’t understand and accept that your way isn’t the only way, about any particular subject, you’re going to have a bad time here.
  9. I like hearing other people’s thoughts and opinions, but only if you can share without being a jackass. This is my fucking bridge, okay, and I don’t want any trolls living under it.

Edited to add: This post was inspired by one I had found as I was exploring other blogs through WordPress, but my browser crashed, oops!, and I couldn’t find it again right away. In digging through my history, though, I finally did find the post that inspired this one: HARSH REALITY: These People Should NOT Read My Blog.